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POLIVIS© 4510 Corrosion Inhibitor

POLIVIS© 4510 Corrosion Inhibitor

POLIVIS© 4510 is a VCI Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor product in granules, the base is an EVA and the active ingredient a VCI formulation without nitrites and secondary amines.

The peculiarities of the product are:
–    Suitable for extrusion or injection molding with different polymers.
–    Wide fields of application in the corrosion protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
–    Particularly suitable for the industrial production of protective packaging.
–    The active ingredient is a VCI whose vapors form a protective molecular layer on metals.
–    It is an alternative solution to oil, more ecological, less expensive and faster.
–    VCI compliant with TRGS 615 safety standards without secondary amines.
–    Certified by BFSV Laboratory Hamburg Germany, with Grade 3 result, good corrosion protection effect.

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