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HC100© Infusion Device

HC100© Infusion Device

HC100 is an exclusive infusion technology device which improves the quality of life for those patients receiving infusions of vesicant and irritant drugs such as chemotherapeutics. HC100 permits a safe and cost convenient infusion therapy which reduces risks and injuries to all patients in need of vesicant and irritant drugs infusions.

The peculiarities of the product are:
– Patents Granted.
– All our devices are disposable and of class IIa.
– The do not vary therapeutics administration protocols, infusion speed or drug concentration.
– The technology will help hospitals to manage costs, enable doctors to focus more on their patients’ needs, and improve patients’ quality of life.
– The technology is able to protect patients’ veins from vesicant agents causing irreversible endothelial damages, saving lives, reducing risks and injuries offering enormous cost saving.


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