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Safe Chemotherapy Infusion

Care and Hope. Infused. ™

Unique Methods and Technology

Save lives, reduce risks and injuries

About Swiss Medendi

Swiss Medendi is a medical device company based in Lugano, Switzerland. Swiss Medendi developed an exclusive infusion technology and produce medical devices which improves the quality of life for those patients receiving infusions of vesicant and irritant drugs such as chemotherapeutics. The company is currently focused on Adjuvant Brest Cancer infusion therapy, but also develops devices for other cancer pathologies. Swiss Medendi goal is to provide a safe and cost convenient infusion therapy which reduces risks and injuries to all patients in need of vesicant and irritant drugs infusions


Vascular damage

Vascular damage induced by ions and cytotoxic drugs are frequent events and known as chemical phlebitis

  • Loss of endothelial cells
  • Inflammatory cells infiltration
  • Edema
  • Thrombosis
  • Sclerosis

Injuries can be proximal or distal to the catheter tips and usually irritates the venous endothelial cells over a longer distance from the catheter tip


Intellectual Property

Patents Granted.



All our devices are disposable and of class IIa. Those do not vary therapeutics administration protocols, infusion speed or drug concentration.
Employing the technology will help hospitals to manage costs, enable doctors to focus more on their patients’ needs, and improve patients’ quality of life.


Unique Methods and Technology

Swiss Medendi owns unique technology able to protect patients’ veins from vesicant agents causing irreversible endothelial damages, saving lives, reducing risks and injuries offering enormous cost saving.


Pilot production started.

Ready and Tested

Key components moulds are ready and tested.

CE mark

The device received the CE mark and has been registered with the “Repertorio dei Dispositivi...

Shahar Tsabari, M.D., presenting at the Swiss-Korean Life Science Symposium in Seoul

Seoul, South-Korea (October 23, 2015) Invited by the State Secretary for Education, Research and...

Patent granted for Japan

Tokyo, Japan (October 5, 2015) Swiss Medendi’s patent has been granted by the Japan Patent Office....

Patents granted for Eurasia

Moscow, Russia (October 5, 2015) Swiss Medendi’s patent, has been granted by the Eurasian Patent...

Patent granted for China

Beijing, China (July 26, 2015) Swiss Medendi’s patent,has been granted by the State Intellectual...

Patent granted for Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico (June 16, 2015) Swiss Medendi’s patent,  has been granted by the Mexican...

Swiss Medendi among the finalists in the StartCup Ticino

Lugano, Switzerland (December 04, 2014) Swiss Medendi succeeded in the semi-final of StartCup...

Winner of the W. A. de Vigier Award

Solothurn, Switzerland (June 14, 2014) Among more than 250 Swiss start-up companies, Swiss Medendi...

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